Test XELOS on your own PC or server

In order to get familiar with XELOS and to get a first impression you can download the current XELOS-VM (on the right-hand side) and start it on your server or PC.

This VM contains a ready-to-use XELOS PRO version configured for test purposes. So you can start right away and test XELOS PRO easily!

Questions and Feedback

Our support is happy to help you with any questions or feedback you may have:

Please keep in mind that setting up the Download-version requires technical expertise as well as following our installation manuals. If you want to use XELOS from an end user perspective , simply use our Cloud or Demo version, which can be used without further technical skills.

Further information / Installation manuals

  1. Step 1 : First download the XELOS VM: 
    Download VMX (ca. 2.10Gb, ZIP, XELOS 8 VMX)


    Download VHD (ca. 2.10Gb, ZIP, XELOS 8 VHD)


    Download OVF (ca. 2.30Gb, ZIP, XELOS 8 VVF)
  2. Step 2 : Sign Up and activate your  desured license: XELOS-Lizenz-Manager
  3. Step 3 : Start the XELOS-VM on your server. This requires for example  VM Ware Player (free)  

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