Social Workplace Made in Germany

All aspects of XELOS are 100% Made in Germany: From its development and support of the software to hosting and operation on German servers.

Privacy protection compliance

As a German company the adherence to strict privacy protection laws and compliance policies from our customers have always been a matter of course for us. In fact, XELOS was developed with strict privacy protection in mind and is also ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Hosting Made in Germany

If you don’t want to host XELOS on your own servers, we can provide the hosting for you, no matter your company’s location. Our servers are located in Germany in a TÜV-certified data center in Frankfurt.

Secure internal communication

Our messenger app lets you communicate securely with your colleagues directly within XELOS. The intranet also provides a secure place to store and work with your documents.

XELOS is customizable

Expand the functionality of XELOS according to your individual needs. We are also happy to develop apps to meet your company’s requirements.

Flexible and modular

XELOS is a modular platform that allows you to choose the apps that best fit your workflow. Each app is further customizable. This makes XELOS a truly flexible Social Workplace.

Expandable interfaces

Thanks to our support of many interfaces, XELOS can easily be integrated into your infrastructure. Furthermore, we are able to develop custom APIs for our customers to simplify working with third-party applications.

Custom apps

Do you have very specific requirements and can’t find the right application for your company? We can advise you and develop custom apps for your use case. The new apps are based on PHP and are fully integrated into your XELOS workplace.

Always at hand

Access your Social Workplace from any of your devices. Whether in the office, at home or when you’re out and about from your mobile device – XELOS supports a flexible and modern way to work.

Work from anywhere

You can use XELOS on many devices. This allows you and your team to have access to your documents and project files from anywhere. With XELOS you always have your workplace close by.

Apps for iOS and Android

To ensure you’re able to work as seamlessly as possible from anywhere, we provide XELOS apps for iOS and Android with every XELOS intranet. With fast authentication via QR code, fingerprint recognition and Google TOTP, your data and devices are always protected and secure.

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