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XELOS is the flexible Intranet Software that can be easily adapted to your needs.  Developed in Germany  and on the market for over 10 years, XELOS is now available worldwide. Use it  on PCs, Mac, smartphones and tablets

Fast, fresh and full of powerful features, XELOS is the intranet solution to help you keep pace in today’s high-speed business environment. Best of all, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. You can customize XELOS to adapt to the way you’re already working and then watch your productivity soar. XELOS is collaboration made easy!

XELOS at a glance

Discover the many possible applications of XELOS for your enterprise

Corporate portal

The central contact point for all your employees with all the relevant information, important news, ongoing projects, open tasks, and so much more.

Internal communication

Take your internal communication to the next level by using XELOS as your main information channel for all employees. In XELOS you can structure your communication from the top down, or if you prefer, from the bottom up to include as many users as possible. Features like the newsfeed, status-posts and internal messenger make sharing and exchanging information a breeze.

Knowledge management

Easily manage and expand your company’s knowledge with XELOS. Gone are the days when an employee leaving the company meant losing all the knowledge pertaining to his projects and work. Our wiki and document management system with automatic versioning help you store your company’s knowledge and share it between your employees.


XELOS helps you organize your project work: create open or closed project groups with many useful apps: news, calendar, tasks and documents management – according to your needs. Alternatively, you can track all your projects in our CRM, giving you an overview of project details, budget, progress and status.


XELOS promotes collaboration on tasks, with documents and pending discussions. In addition to sharing work results with your colleagues, you can invite external collaborators to help you achieve the best results.


XELOS supports your digitalization efforts and allows you to create workflows and forms for your processes and adjust them to your specifications. A company’s hierarchy can also be mapped and used in workflows, e.g. to address a leave request automatically to the right supervisor.

Customer relationship management

Record and manage all the data of your customers and suppliers in XELOS’s flexible CRM. It can track the relationship between distinct types of data (customers, contacts, contracts, etc.) and allows it to be used to create campaigns and custom reports.

Human resource processes

Our extensive HR app effectively assists companies with their internal HR planning and coordination. It supports many processes such as leave applications, travel expenses, time recording and digital personnel files.

More than 100,000 satisfied customers

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Ludger van Bebber, CEO

XELOS improved our internal processes significantly. We especially like that it can easily and quickly be adapted to cover any specific requirements we may have.

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Klaus Leeder, CEO

Our company’s consultants are deployed nationwide at our clients‘offices. XELOS helps us communicate and handle internal processes like traveling costs and time recording more efficiently. The team behind XELOS works in a dynamic fashion and always displays an inherent understanding of our business needs.

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Martina Herrmann, CEO

We have been using XELOS for 3 years to connect our 1,300 members. XELOS helps us manage our internal processes as well as involve researchers and institutions from our external network.

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