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XELOS is the flexible Intranet Software that is easily adjusted to your needs. Made in Germany and on the market for 10 years, XELOS is now available globally. Fast, modern and packed with powerful features, XELOS is easy to use on PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. This is collaboration today!

Bye bye Email!

+30 % more productivity thanks to better communication *

Improve the communication within your company and forget unnecessary emails by using the XELOS messenger. The Social Activity Stream keeps you informed on current events and projects in your company. Comments, Likes & Mentions can be used to exchange ideas and give feedback. Share your personal posts and point important content out to your colleagues.

Find out more about the Messenger, Social Activity Stream and Social Notifications.

Document- and knowledge management 2.0

+35 % more productivity thanks to faster access to information *

Get faster access to the information you need to successfully complete your tasks. Find the experts whose knowledge can help you within your company. And discover new possibilities to access information from anywhere and at any time.

Find out more about the document management system (DMS), the context-sensitive search and the lookbook.

Joint collaboration within your company

+35 % more productivity thanks to better teamwork *

XELOS allows coworkers from different departments like management, sales, HR and Marketing to work together. Achieve optimal results using XELOS’ project management tools: create project groups, exchange documents and information, delegate tasks and work together more effectively.

Find out more about project groups, DMS and Wiki.

More than 35,000 satisfied customers

Airport Weeze

Ludger van Bebber, CEO

XELOS allowed us to improve our internal processes significantly. XELOS can easily and quickly be adapted to cover any specific requirements we may have.  

Raum Für Führung

Klaus Leeder, CEO

Our company’s consultants are deployed nationwide at our clients‘ offices. XELOS helps us communicate and handle internal processes like traveling costs and time recording more efficiently. The team behind XELOS works in a dynamic fashion and always displays an inherent understanding of our business needs.

GIF e.V.

Martina Herrmann, CEO

We have been using XELOS for 3 years to connect our 1,300 members. XELOS helps us manage our internal processes as well as involve researchers and institutions from our external network.

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